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There is so much you can learn from a Maestro. Michiel has developed several workshops for businesses, aspiring leaders and childeren. All groups can learn in a fun and energetic way and make an actual performance. Inspiration Guarenteed!


The workshop for businesses is a teambuilding. The cleaner conducts the CEO and colleagues watch each other like never before to make a thrilling performance. Company Communications will improve every minute of the workshop. 

The workshop for aspiring leaders focusses more on non-verbal communication. Use your body to help make your point and in the process gain confidence. Yes you can use your body to calm your nerves standing in fornt of a group!

The workshop for childeren is a fun lesson about a conductor, performing and interpretation. 



Price indication: 2,5 hours 8-15 participants (unlimited auditors) € 1250,- excl. travel and hotel. 

Send an e-mail to for more information and availability


Michiel gives inspirational lectures about art, classical music and conducting. Fun stories, inspirational quotes and new insights all brougth to you in a loving and energetic way.  

Price indication:  lecture 2 hours incl 15 min break € 500,-  

An intermezzo +/- 20 min € 175,-

Send an e-mail to for more information and availability

Privat lessons in orchestral conducting 

Do you want orchestral conducting lessons given by a pricewinning conductor who participated in more than 20 international masterclass and has lots of experience in conducting orchestra's from beginning level to professional level and is an expert in different musical genres? Than send an e-mail to and start today!

These lessons are also available on Zoom.

Price indication: 30 min € 30,-  en 1 hour € 50,-

Send an e-mail to for more information and availability

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